Ways to Get Rid of Clothes Moths in Your Storage

Dealing with unwelcomed pests in your space? The time spent cleaning up from clothes moth infestation is not only tedious, but we know it can be unpleasant. Thankfully, Storage Depot of Gainesville has you covered with our guide on how to remove and prevent clothes moths from inhabiting your belongings. Check out our tips!

how to get rid of clothes moths with Calverton Self Storage

How to Get Rid of Clothes Moths in Your Storage Spaces

Finding the Moths 

There are many different insects that can cause holes in our clothes and furnishings, but one of the most common is a moth. Clothes moths love eating away at fabric–especially woolen cloth which may be found in other items such as carpets, blankets, and curtains. To remove them you’ll first need to identify where they’re hiding. Be sure to thoroughly check your clothing and other household items for small holes and clothes moths. Clothes moths are attracted to humid and dark environments. If your space has poor lighting and you are noticing many clothes moths, this may be a causing factor. If you are interested in learning more about clothes moths, click here.

Creating A Sanitary Storage Environment

Identifying the clothes moths is a process of cautionary observation. Begin to examine your belongings and look for damaged items. You must eliminate any items that have been infested or damaged; then wash out all salvageable pieces for good measure. Before washing these items, be sure to check their labels as some may have specific instructions (especially if they’re sensitive). Next, you will want to wipe down the surfaces in the room to ensure that dust and dirt aren’t lingering on any objects. Vacuuming the floor will also remove the excess dirt that is accumulated in the room. Once you have completed these steps, the clothes moths should be removed from the room. 

Clothes Moth Prevention Tips 

There are many ways to keep the moths away from your clothes, but one of their most important strategies is breeding in limited spaces. To do this you need an airtight space for your belongings. Consolidating these items into bins with tight-fitting lids gives the moths fewer access points where larvae can breed. Dusting and wiping surfaces down regularly is another practice that will help keep the moths away. If your space begins to get cluttered, organize your items to help keep the space clean. Vacuum the floor multiple times during the season to keep the room dust/dirt free. If your room has poor lighting, try installing a light to prevent the area from getting dark making it a perfect environment for clothes moths.   

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